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Oxidant and Antioxidant


Free radicals are a type of highly reactive molecules that have unpaired electrons. These molecules can be generated from the process of radiation or from the metabolic process. To stabilize, these free radicals quickly capture electrons from other compounds. Compounds that was attacked and then became a free radical itself, which continues to attack the other compounds and form a chain reaction, causing the disintegration of the cell membrane and cell components, including fat, potein, and nucleic acids. Free radicals can cause the majority of endogenous damage in biological systems. Damage of this type is often associated with various degenerative diseases and disorders such as cancer, heart-vessel disease (cardiovascular), lowering the immune system, and accelerate the aging process. Besides damaging living cells, free radicals are also the main cause of food quality changes through the oxidation of lipids, which in turn result in quality and the food organoleptis. Therefore, providing an antioxidant should be able to produce therapeutic effects and maintain the freshness of food products.

Simply stated as antioxidant compounds that can inhibit or prevent the oxidation. Antioxidants have the ability to provide electrons, binding and end the chain reaction of free radical damage. Antioxidants are used and recycled by other antioxidants to prevent the free radicals (for herself) or stay in shape but with a structure that can not damage other molecules. Recent research states that in addition of synthetic antioxidants are able to produce anti-cancer properties also encourage the formation of tumors. See contradictions occur, the application and development of natural antioxidants much attention.

Type of flavonoids and phenol compounds are the largest contributor of antioxidant activity, other active compoundsThese compounds may work independently or synergistically. One of the many natural materials containing phenolic compounds and various types of vitamins that is a natural antioxidant ingredients are mulberry leaves.

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